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The UX Australia 2014 Conference Experience

This year’s UX Australia 2014 conference that took place in the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth was another tremendous success. For the past couple years it’s been a privilege being a primary sponsor of such an important event for the User Experience community. With it gathering in excess of 500 people of every level of interest and involvement in UX, it is without a doubt the must-do event of the year for the region. The presentations were great, and the steady stream of pre and post conference social and networking events were icing on the cake.

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UX Australia iPad Competition

By Jon Kernutt on 27/8/2014

Giant Jenga @ The Technocrat Stand

Technocrat are proud Gold sponsors of UX Australia 2014 in Sydney (August 26th-29th).

As part of the sponsorship, Technocrat are very pleased to provide a sponsorship stand on the 3rd floor of the Sofitel (Aug 28th-29th only) and a fun competition.

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Mobile web design – Responsive and Adaptive

By Prasad Perera on 21/7/2014 with tags adaptive, Responsive, mobile web design

When it comes to designing for mobile, the buzz words 'Responsive, Fluid and Adaptive' are commonly used in the industry. Even though the end result of doing a responsive, fluid or adaptive design is the same (which gives a better user experience when viewing content on different devices or view port sizes), there are some technical differences between the methods.

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A Comparison: Native Apps vs Web Apps

By Prasad Perera on 11/7/2014 with tags web app, native app, mobile web

Educating your client about the differences between Native Apps and Web Apps will help them to know what they in fact need, saving time and money. 

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps are developed specifically for a particular mobile device and are installed directly onto the device itself. Users download the app via app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play store, etc.

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The Usability of Captchas

By Austin Mansu on 10/7/2014 with tags UX usability

If you’ve managed an online contact form or a blog with comments then you’ll be well aware of why Captcha fields came along. Spam bots are released onto the web and like sentinels to find forms and comment fields leaving web masters with loads of unusable data.

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Technocrat Sponsoring UX Australia 2014

By Jon Deragon on 25/6/2014 with tags UX, User Experience

It's Technocrat's absolute pleasure to be sponsoring the UX Australia conference again this year taking place in Sydney. Last year had a great combination of huge turnout, stellar line up of presentations and networking opportunities second to none in the UX space. This year appears to be another success in the making, with many intriguing presentations in the schedule.

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Drupal Certification is Here

By Si Hobbs on 20/6/2014 with tags DrupalCon, Certification

One of the challenging aspects of competing on tenders against large proprietary CMS vendors is meeting various compliance checks.  As a general rule, you want to comply with as many of these checks as possible, you want your submission to be absolutely compelling.

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Technocrat is Gold Sponsor at DrupalGov 2014

By Jon Kernutt on 19/6/2014 with tags sponsor
Technocrat is pleased to announce our gold sponsorship of DrupalGov 2014 in Canberra, following up on our Gold sponsorship of DrupalSouth in Wellington.
DrupalGov Canberra is a day-long summit on Drupal in the public sector in Australia. Featuring three tracks of interesting  sessions relevant for all levels of Government.
Technocrat will be there in numbers, enjoying the chilly weather and giving at least one presentation.