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What is the cost of supporting IE8?

By Jay Turnbull on 5/2/2014

The cost of developing a site to be IE8 compatible has increased with the popularity of HTML5 and mobile phone development.

When IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) was released in early 2009, it came at a time when HTML5 and mobile phone development was starting to gain traction. Unfortunately due to the timing, IE8 really didn’t support either technology.

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Generating wiki markup changelog from Git

By Adam Long on 4/2/2014 with tags git

I’ve found it useful to create a changelog at the end of a sprint or project phase. A nicely formatted log can prove to be a valuable project history resource outside of the technical land of git and the command line, so why not format your logs straight into Wiki markup?

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Technocrat Sponsoring User Friendly 2013 Conference

By Jon Deragon on 18/11/2013

We're excited not only to be sponsoring the User Friendly 2013 conference taking place in Shanghai this week from November 21st to 25th, but also flying up to join in on the action. Important to this particular User Friendly conference, it celebrates 10 years of the UX profession in China. It will be four days of insightful workshops, keynotes and networking events that we're truly exited to be part of.

On behalf of Karen Callaghan, Mike Feghali and myself, we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Responsive design frameworks. Part 1. Zurb Foundation.

By Vladimir Roudakov on 4/10/2013 with tags Foundation, Bootstrap, Responsive
Responsive design frameworks now allow designers, front end developers and pretty much everyone to embrace the power of already written HTML files with predefined flexible styles and some common functionality like modal windows and image carousels. You can see them as API frameworks which were popular with back end developers but weren't available to front end developers and designers.
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Stop and Smell the Drupal

By Si Hobbs on 28/9/2013

I’m writing from Oxford, UK, having a little break from the hustle and bustle of some exciting but intense projects at Technocrat. I’m sitting here at a Drupal agency www.agilecollective.com, which has a particularly ethical bent and sense of self-determination that makes it appropriate for the subject of this blog post.