Technocrat is rapidly becoming the number one enterprise Drupal development agency in Australia. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney and a presence in Brisbane, Technocrat provide Drupal solutions for companies such as IAG, NRMA, SGIO and Flight Centre, few other companies are as well placed to meet enterprise level Drupal challenges. Technocrat have significant ties to the Drupal community, have leading Drupal developers from around the world in the development team, and have proven success in large scale projects. Technocrat can deliver the entire project for you, including project management, architecture, design, development and testing, or alternatively provide task driven on-site experts in any of the full range of Drupal elements.
Technocrat is a proven full spectrum provider of enterprise Drupal development.

Technocrat provide the full spectrum of Drupal related services and resources. These include:

Drupal Enterprise Web Development

Technocrat provides full range, end-to-end, enterprise Drupal development. Technocrat can design, build, test and deploy an entire Drupal solution from inception, or create new Drupal modules to meet missing functionality in your existing Drupal site. Successful Technocrat Drupal projects completed include: 
  • Large scale deployment platforms,
  • Intranet systems, 
  • High transaction and high traffic consumer sites, and
  • Government portals

Drupal Requirements Engineering & Consulting

Technocrat have expert resources in:
  • Requirements engineering,
  • Solution architecture,
  • Enterprise development,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Design, and
  • Project management 
These elements can either be provided as part of end-to-end project delivery or individual Technocrat resources can be supplied to work on-site on individual components of your Drupal project. Technocrat work closely with its clients to prioritise project requirements, and then optimise the Drupal implementation approach to best suit budgets and timelines. An engineering approach to requirements gathering at project commencement, and robust project management throughout ensure that the project budget is maximised and the project is delivered in a timely fashion. Technocrat's consulting can also be provided on a wide range of other issues surrounding website design and development, from security considerations and stakeholder consultation to content streamlining and customer touchpoint strategies.

Drupal Migration

Technocrat has successfully migrated many large websites from proprietary or legacy Content Mangement Systems to an open source, vendor-independent Drupal implementation. Technocrat's Drupal engineers have deep experience in systems integration, data migration and high availability infrastructure, and have successfully integrated Drupal with legacy databases, authorisation, Customer Relationship Management and e-commerce systems. Technocrat's services also include Drupal integration with:
  • iPhone, 
  • Android, 
  • iPad, and 
  • Other mobile and touchscreen channels.

Drupal Visual Elements

Customising the visual layout of a Drupal site is a specialised role that requires expertise in CSS, HTML and PHP coding skills to utilise the full extent of Drupal's theme system. Technocrat have a talented team of designers who compliment great backend performance with world class presentation.

Drupal Support & Maintenance

Whether or not Technocrat build your Drupal system, post-launch support and maintenance can be provided for your site and your in-house team. At the infrastructure level Technocrat can monitor and tune your servers and content delivery arrangements. At the code level Technocrat can implement new feature requirements and ensure the latest module upgrades and security patches are promptly applied. And at the business level Technocrat can help streamline your content production processes and pre-publication review workflows, and analyse your site traffic and performance data. 

Drupal Documentation & Training

Regardless of the development methodology used, project documentation is a vital component of any project. It secures the IP of the system and reduces costs in future system maintenance. Technocrat have resources for each of the document elements required in a project, including: Initial scope documentation, solution architecture and technical documentation. When the project is delivered and training is required for support staff, utilising Technocrat's partnership Acquia, the US based Drupal training pioneer, Technocrat can provide full training in both the CMS component of the system as well as any aspects of the technical implementation. Technocrat can provide a standardised curriculum or devise customised training to meet individual needs.

Drupal Hosting, Infrastructure Management & Performance

In terms of site hosting, Technocrat can either:
  • Provide enterprise managed hosting on it's hosting partner's Drupal-optimised infrastructure,
  • Co-ordinate with your preferred hosting supplier, or
  • Liaise with your internal IT team for your website. 

In addition to infrastructure, based on extensive enterprise experience, Technocrat can optimise the performance of your site at the server or proxy level. With both sys admin and drupal performance specialists in the Technocrat team, your site's performance can be maximised for any volume of traffic, and any incorporation of media and data.


Technocrat have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and staff in Brisbane. For a project review, contact us on 1300 830 500