UX Australia iPad Competition

Giant Jenga @ The Technocrat Stand
UX Australia iPad Competition

Giant Jenga @ The Technocrat Stand

Technocrat are proud Gold sponsors of UX Australia 2014 in Sydney (August 26th-29th).

As part of the sponsorship, Technocrat are very pleased to provide a sponsorship stand on the 3rd floor of the Sofitel (Aug 28th-29th only) and a fun competition.

The competition takes the form of a "Giant Jenga Challenge" - with two iPad minis as the prize.


  • Entrants for the competition are to be in teams of two.
  • Each entrant team starts with a freshly setup giant Jenga tower.
  • The objective, is to take one block at a time from the bottom and middle of the stack and place it on top of the stack. The total blocks removed and successfully placed on top of the stack (without it tumbling) becomes the entrant's score. 
  • The team with the highest score at 4pm on August 29ths is the competition winner and will receive two iPad minis.
  • In the event there are multiple teams with the same score, there will be a "Sudden Death Playoff" starting at 4pm on August 29th. In this session, the team which gets the highest score is the winner. Again if there are equal scores in this session, the process is repeated until there is a highest score.


  • Only one hand can be used at a time to displace a block.
  • No competition entrant can be a staff member or supplier of Technocrat.
  • The competition in only offered to paid and registered UX Australia 2014 conference attendees.
  • Entry in the competition and eligibility for the prize is conditional upon the provision of the name, email, company name and mobile number of each entrant as well as following the Technocrat Twitter  (Technocrat_Au) and LinkedIn  Twitter accounts.
  • Technocrat are responsible for setting up all Jenga-style blocks in a stack prior to each entrant team's attempt at a highest score.
  • Any collusion between separate teams to rig the game in any way will result in immediate disqualification from the competition and/or removal of the prize.


  • Technocrat offers no guarantee of authenticity, manufacturing perfection or performance of the modified wooden blocks offered for the competition.
  • Technocrat make no guarantees as to the authentic or optimal setup of the Jenga set at the commencement of the competition.
  • Technocrat take no responsibility for the working order or technical support associated with the iPads offered as prizes.
  • Technocrat reserve the right to modify the rules of the competition or disqualify an entrant at their discretion.
  • The entirety of the competition and its prizes only applies to the two days of the Technocrat sponsor booth (Aug 28th-29th).