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So, what is it about Bootstrap theme that appeals to developers and designers? 
Drupal article - Responsive Frameworks - Bootstrap 3

In August, 2011 Twitter released Bootstrap as open source. 6 month later it became the most popular open source project on GitHub and remains it's leading position for the last 2 years. The project was forked more than 23000 times to the date. So, what is it about Bootstrap theme that appeals to developers and designers alike?

When Bootstrap 3 hit the virtual shelves back in August 2013, it brought "Mobile first" concept along. Bootstrap 3 framework is responsive by default and was designed from ground up to fit mobile devices first, then tablets and desktops. Responsive code is included in the main file and can be switched off if desired (as oppose to version 2 where you have to enable the responsiveness).

  • New flat design (no gradients) for page elements and components is the first indicator that team behind the framework is doing their best to provide seamless and fast mobile experience. Overall code base was reduced by 20% by generalising CSS classes for major components (buttons, tables, fonts, alerts) and completely rewriting JavaScript plugins (carousel, dialogs, dynamic navigation etc).
  • 12-column grid became more powerful. It is responsive fluid systems that works out of the box with 4 different sizes: mobile, tablets, desktops and large desktops. So, if you decide that you need a grid which is has two columns on desktop (66% and 33%), two columns of equal size on tablets and stacked on mobile, you can simply do it:

<div class=”col-md-8 col-sm-6 col-xs-12”></div>

<div class=”col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-12”></div>

  • New Bootstrap 3 components include panels (improved and updated accordion), and list groups (for simple and complex groups from one line buttons to complex mobile lists). Navigation bar and modal components has been improved for various responsive layouts. Submenus and typehead components were removed.
  • Glyphicons is now optimised font rather than the selection of images. It now includes 180 characters which can be used as icons on list, buttons or any other components.
  • The documentation and resources were dramatically improved with revised help, various translations and new and updated examples. New Bootstrap Showcase is designed to quickly flick the large number of websites for inspiration and ideas.

Overall, Bootstrap listened to the feedback and brought a lot of requested features. It also focused on the future markets by bringing the “mobile first” approach. There is a lot of criticism from not following standards to not bringing new features as quickly as some would like, but that's what you get with large community. The fact is, the Bootstrap is here for everyone to use and contribute and it is definitely worth a look.

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Vladimir Roudakov

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