TechnoZine: 28-Jan-2015

Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!
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Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!

Drupal updates.
- Drupal 8 status: 71 release blocking issues (down from 88), 754 major issues (up from 742)
- DrupalSouth Melbourne sessions were announced!
- Converting pictures to SVG by tracing them:
Video of the week:
CSS conf is coming to Melbourne very soon, but here's few interesting talks from last year
- Nicole Sullivan - Opening Keynote
- Check out more here
Other news:
- BROWSER: Windows 10's new features: Cortana, a 'Spartan' browser, Xbox streaming, and more
- YOUTUBE: YouTube will now default to HTML5 players for better support on more devices
- BROWSER: Vivaldi, a new browser from the former CEO of Opera
Technocrat News:
- We would like to welcome Nicholas Hutchings to our team. Nicholas joins us as our new Client Service Director. He comes from Telstra Global and has over 10 years experience in enterprise business development.

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