TechnoZine: 02-Feb-2015

Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!
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Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!

Drupal updates.
- Drupal 8 beta 6 is out;
- Drupal 8 status: 67 release blocking issues (down from 71), 763 major issues (up from 754);
- DrupalCon USA (Los Angeles, May 2015) session submission is  now open;
- Drupal status: free online tool to keep track of Drupal core and module updates;
Video of the week:
- Symfony Live is DrupalCon counterpart in Symfony world.
- Check out Symfony Live Keynote from Madrid 2014 conference
- Other videos can be found here
Other news:
Amazon launches WorkMail email service for companies;
Technocrat News:
Several Technocrat sessions for DrupalSouth conference. Join the Technocrats in Melbourne on 5-7 March 2015. You can catch one of us doing the following presentations:
- 4. Using Drupal in education: strategies, standalone vs collaboration
- 5. Services in Drupal 8: using Drupal as data storage for mobile apps, web apps and websites updated

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