TechnoZine: 10-Feb-2015

Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!
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Weekly roundup of Drupal, Technocrat & Technology news!

Drupal updates.
- Drupal 8 status: 60 release blocking issues (down from 67), 762 major issues (up from 763);
- Amazee Labs launched their first Drupal 8 customer website!
- Check types, regexps, presence, time and more with is.js
Other news:
Technocrat News:
DrupalSouth session schedule is online. Join Technocrat in Melbourne on 5-7 March 2015 for one of the following sessions:
- 4. Using Drupal in education: strategies, standalone vs collaboration
- 5. Services in Drupal 8: using Drupal as data storage for mobile apps, web apps and websites updated
Finally, check out the great things Drupal is capable of achieving in local Government. Here are some recent coucil sites we've delivered:
Manningham Coucil (Victroria)
- Warringah Council Intranet (NSW)

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