Text Without Looking

By Austin Mansu on 12/2/2013

Fleksy, a new text entry app from Syntellia is now available on iPhone (iOS 5 and later) as well as Android and Windows 8 platforms.

Initially developed to enhance accessibility for typing, the app claims to enable the user to be able to type at faster speeds while not looking at the keyboard and also increasing accuracy. In many cases, even if you miss every single letter of a word Fleksy will manage to workout the word you intended to type. The app still requires that you're familiar with a QWERTY keyboard and it uses it's own custom variation that relies on gestures for space, delete, changing a word and punctuation. You see a demonstration at Fleksy.com.

It does sound promising however after downloading and trying it out I found it a little cumbersome to use at first. Getting used to the gestures will go a long way.

Fleksy is in Beta on the Android platform however you can download the iOS version from the app store and try it free. If you want the luxury of copying your text to the clipboard or posting it directly to twitter, Facebook or email, you'll need to buy the upgrade.