DrupalSouth 2017

Technocrat Presenting at DrupalSouth 2017


DrupalSouth 2017 will have a fresh change of scenery with it being held in Auckland, New Zealand for the first time. Drupal’s growing popularity in New Zealand and Australia continues as the go-to content management platform for building scalable and feature-rich websites. The web’s constant evolution calls for an ever-expanding need to adapt and integrate new functionality and demands. Decision-makers and practitioners in the web industry are recognising the value and flexibility of Drupal as a web publishing platform and driving that recognition is the Drupal community.

Technocrat having a large number of Senior and highly qualified Drupal Developers has been faithfully evangelising the power of Drupal and have been active members of the Drupal community for years. DrupalSouth has given us the honour to present at Drupal South 2017, and we were are eager to share our thoughts and ideas around the future of Drupal.

Our CTO, Mike Richardson and one of our Senior Drupal Developer’s Scott Anderson will be presenting on “The Challenges and Rewards of Cloud-native Drupal”. The talk will be centered around how Cloud-native Drupal could help deal with the current complexities such as the cost of scalability, exposure to attacks, and drifting configurations that looked a world different from the start of the project. This, however, brings different complexities, like successfully running Drush inside a Docker container and asset sharing between environments among others. They will demonstrate their approach to overcoming these challenges and discuss the rewards, like the opportunity to spend less time worrying about infrastructure, and more time building great apps.


Roland Molnár Senior Drupal Developer from Technocrat will also be presenting a talk on “Building Beautiful relationships in Drupal 8 using Entity Browser”. Entity Browser opens up new ways of how we can browse and reference nodes, files or any entities. During this session he will run through the ins and outs of building custom browser widgets for a node-listing page, an entity-queue as well as how to build an image browser - all based on this module and its extensions. The aim is to have a user-friendly and highly customisable browser which allows content administrators to browse for existing nodes and images. We will concentrate on the site building and admin experience, not front-end. He hopes to bring to the forefront the new possibilities, limitations and UX improvements with this approach.

Whether you are new to Drupal, a seasoned old-hand or a site owner, Technocrat believes that DrupalSouth 2017 will have plenty to take away from. Technocrat looks forward to DrupalSouth with anticipation to both bring new insight and take back plenty of learnings as well. 


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