DrupalCon Vienna 2017

Future of Drupal
DrualCon Background

Technocrat headed to Vienna to be a part of the DrupalCon 2017 that was held from the 26th to the 29th of September. The conference drew Drupal talent from around Europe to engage in discussion around the future of Drupal and what that might look like. The four-day event was filled with workshops and talks that racked up to over 100+. 

The keynote speakers for the conference included individuals such as Dries Buytaert, Monique J. Morrow, and Joe Shindelar. Dries made a few interesting comments as to the evolution of Drupal. The introduction of Drupal 8 has led to the broader range of adoption to Drupal websites from medium-sized community engagement websites to multi-site platforms. This has led to the substantial increase of stable Drupal 8 websites with a 2x increase over the past 3 months alone.

Drupal is for digital ambitious experiences

Source: https://dri.es/state-of-drupal-presentation-september-2017

Usual suspects such as the Bof's (Bird's of a feather) events which are spontaneous discussions that are held, and other technical and non-technical talks around project management, DevOps, and business-related topics were presented on. 

One of our team took part in a working group to redesign of the admin UI for Drupal event. It was a task to have to do it from scratch, to say the least. They identified the target groups for the admin UI and started to collect some ideas which informed them further when we wrote up the user stories. They might not have made a completely sound solution but we managed to iron out a refreshed UI with an easy medium like content editing within three days.

We were proud to be a part of it and recommend the conference. Drawing from our many new learnings, we are eager to see what could that hold for future projects here at Technocrat.