DrupalGov 2020

Join us for the virtual event on 4th to 5th November


Join us at DrupalGov 2020, virtual style

2020 has accelerated an already increasing need to adapt and integrate new functionality into websites. With significant rises in internet use and website traffic, this puts competition at an all-time high, and setting yourself apart with seamless digital experiences is critical.

The Technocrat team is attending at the first virtual DrupalGov 2020 event – an event for all things government and Drupal. Devoted to the Australian and New Zealand government sector, it welcomes all agencies, vendors, and the wider Drupal community.

Delivering the unique digital experiences businesses thrive on, the Technocrat team bring a wealth of senior experience with Drupal development.
For more information and a full event schedule, visit https://drupalsouth.org/



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