1. An adherent or a proponent of technocracy.
2. A technical expert,
n pl -cies
1. A theory or system of society according to which government is controlled by scientists, engineers, and other experts
2. A body of such experts
3. A state considered to be governed or organised according to these principles

Technocrat is a Digital Agency founded with the belief that the best solutions and the best service are, and will always be, designed and delivered by Experts.

Our clients are primarily at the Enterprise level and require us to constantly innovate ways to create experiences that are compelling and simplified at once, as well as engineering scalable, robust solutions. Their relentless search for competitive advantage is our own, and we are continuously experimenting with technology in response.  

The “Technorati” are not only experienced, expert developers, UX consultants or managers; we are also pragmatically commercial as well. We accept that our clients will have a their own way of working, and we adapt our processes, tools and methodology accordingly to find and deliver the best solution.

We do not consider any of our client relationships to be merely confined to a single project. This means that we:

  • Invest a lot into learning and understanding our client,
  • Demonstrate and earn loyalty, and lastly;
  • Engineer solutions we expect that we’ll be maintaining, scaling, improving and adapting for a long while after initial deployment.


Some of our client relationships have stretched past a decade as a result.

Finally, we believe that all organisations must keep the right to control their own technological futures… so we favour open-source platforms rather than proprietary systems. Simply put: we use the most appropriate platform or system to get the job done.

The Technorati are distributed from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane …and Dublin.