Get Ready Queensland |Redesign & development

Get Ready Queensland

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority engaged with Technocrat to redesign and develop the 'Get Ready Queensland' site on Drupal 8.

The Get Ready Queensland program is a year round, all hazards, resilience building initiative coordinated by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) to help communities prepare for natural disasters. QRA is the State’s lead agency responsible for disaster recovery and resilience policy. QRA leads initiatives that help deliver on our strategic objective of making Queensland the most disaster resilient state in Australia. These activities assist government, businesses and the wider community mitigate risks and prepare for disasters.

Throughout 2019, we worked with QRA to redo the site's information architecture and design in order to create an interactive, engaging experience for visitors.

The site, launched in September 2019 to align with the start of disaster season, helps Queenslanders prepare for emergencies and provides critical information for what to do after a disaster.

The Drupal 8 CMS is intuitive and flexible to allow the Get Ready team to continue to optimise the content for users.

Some of the complex features implemented are: