Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet |Drupal Integration


The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet currently maintains several Drupal based websites.  DPM&C have a capable internal team of Drupal developers. They required some specialist assistance to apply industry best practice, optimize their environment, automate and streamline their processes, and provide general advanced training and mentoring.   

Technocrat was invited to review and optimize development practices internally.


The Challenge

Technocrat identified that the DPM&C, as with many government departments, was operating Drupal in a very restrained environment and with limited access to Drupal expertise.  

The challenge was understanding a complex environment of different departments websites and intranets being managed by the DPM&C's team.  Each system is different technology and may be passed on to someone else or picked up from another department in the event of a government shift and processes had to allow for this.

Dept of PM Collage

The Solution

Technocrat operated onsite consulting which culminated in custom training and handover documentation so that the DPM&C could move forward on their own, and start to tackle internal issues around version control, deployments and general best practice.

The Results

Through review, alteration and training Technocrat both enhanced their systems and more importantly enabled their internal team to be self-sufficient with the new systems and methods ongoing.