Tennis Australia |Drupal Integration

The Australian Open website is delivered via an IBM CMS - with dynamic video content sourced from a third party video service. The platform was unable to meet all of Tennis Australia's business requirements for online media delivery. Shortfalls existed with real-time categorisation and delivery of video content for the huge international audiences. Urgent system enhancements were required before the commencement of the 2014 tournament.

With Technocrat's reputation for tight deadlines and challenging Technical requirements, a solution was sort.

Tennis Australia

The new integrated solution was required to meet all of the following:

  • Improve availability of video assets supplied to the IBM CMS.
  • Enhanced integration of the player and match meta data tagging.
  • Enhanced synchronisation of published videos and their associated assets between the systems
  • Implement UX and design enhancements

The Solution

The solution delivered by Technocrat involved the use of Drupal as a front-end and integration tool to sit between the two major existing, disparate, systems. Drupal had the advantage of allowing easy editing by non-technical Tennis Australia and press staff, with the power of open source and PHP to perform the complex technical integration tasks.

With the very tight timeframe leading up to the event, Technocrat were also called upon to perform the full infrastructure setup and hosting.

Finally, with the importance of the once a year event, 24/7 production support was sort for the full duration of the tournament.

Tennis Australiafull image

The Outcome

Despite the challenging timeframe, complex integrations and the use of a new integration tool, the full project and associated requirements were delivered on time and on budget.

With the new solution in place, Tennis Australia were able to greatly enhance their video coverage of the 2014 Australian Open. Enhanced video meta data labelling, and optimised video publishing, enabled viewers to get content far closer to real time and also find exactly what they wanted.

With this project, Drupal again showed its value as a highly customisable, flexible and scalable solution, and Technocrat proved it could handle any timeframe and any technical task - despite major shortfalls in other systems and tough communication requirements.