Fair Work Commission |CMS Integration


The Fair Work Commission is Australia's national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with the power to carry out a range of functions for the public and regulating how industrial action is taken.

The Fair Work Commission website is to provide a platform through which the commission can engage with its end users via through publishing content, providing live information about the commission's dealings such as hearings and decisions. This allows the end users to quickly search through the hundreds of thousands of historical documents the commission has produced.

Technocrat was engaged to provide a Drupal CMS for their content and a document indexing and search solution for hundreds and thousands of case materials.
Fair Work Commission


The Challenge

The development of the website and document search was a highly technical build. The search component required a deep analysis of the different types of documents that required indexing, the relationships of each of the documents to each other, and their relationships to other data entities. The processing power required to deal with all this data had in previous cases crashed an entire Solr search farm.

From a project point of view, the development release cycle for the application was based on an agile model while the visual design and strategy agency was working on a waterfall model.

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The Solution

Technocrat created and managed a technical solution that focused on mobile optimisation, speed, and lexical processing of document data. This lead us to build the largest Apache Solr search farm in Australia in order to process searches and return relevant case material to public and industry users from hundreds of thousands of documents.

 The 6-month project was delivered on time and on budget in the face of many organisational challenges including working with multiple stakeholders and concurrent product delivery teams.  

The Results

Technocrat delivered an accessible AA compliant website to the Fair Work Commission that meets all government DTO standards. The solution also ensures optimal usage of resources and load balancing to ensure that the application meets critical uptime requirements. Technocrat has continued to provide further upgrades to the application under our Continuous Optimisation engagement model.