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Fred Hollows was committed to improving the health of Indigenous Australians and to reducing the cost of eye health care and treatment in developing countries.

The Foundation now works throughout Africa, Asia (South and South East) and Australia, focusing on blindness prevention and Australian Indigenous health. Through reducing the cost of cataract operations to as little as $25 in some developing countries, they have helped to restore the sight of more than 1,000,000 people worldwide.

Technocrat maintains their online presence and recently worked with The Foundation to launch their presence via a series of international websites.

Fred Hollows


The Challenge

Limited budget means there are sometimes strains with the client not understanding why things take as long as they do. Plus they have gone through multiple staff changes the last year.

- Maintenance of shonky codebase that has been through 2 Dev houses

- Integration to new payment system (Pay&Go) from Paypal - challenging third party dealings

- Migration to Acquia

The Hollows Foundation presence expanded internationally together with a need for an appropriate online presence, as represented culturally and linguistically accordingly. The online presence required taking a fragile code base that had been through two development agencies, and transform it into a stable international multisite.

Hollows were also interested in new ways to raise funding for eye surgery and developed the Gift of Sight product line. One of Hollows main taglines revolves around the average price of $25 to save one person from blindness so multiples of 25 have been used for these cards.

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The Solution

Set up with the future in mind. Unlimited standalone websites can be produced, each allowing multiple languages to be set. The need for International sites varies from country to country. Some are more 'political' tools and will only be seen by Government bodies. Others are targeted at Doctors in each of those countries so they can get in touch with Hollows about how to become a partner. Others are set up to receive donations from people in that country.

 The Payment Gateway also underwent a user experience transformation that provided a more inspiring message to visitors and an end-to-end eCommerce experience.


The Results

The Hollows Foundation website that was re-launched in 2013 ensuring the brand was correctly positioned in terms of its value proposition and with an ease of donation to engage the target audience. The nature of the proposition changed to being a fundraising centric site.