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Market leaders in educational products that inspire learners, Pearson Education Australia, create real digital alternatives to traditional modes of education. A constituent of the international Pearson Publishing group, Pearson Education Australia is innovating through collaboration with Technocrat. The latest cooperation of the two thought-leading companies has orchestrated a monumental advancement in Pearsons’ Lightbook (digital platform), which allows it to adapt to the pace of the learner using it and this is a brilliant step towards its evolution.

In adopting improvements recommended by Technocrat, Pearsons’ Lightbook is expanding the modalities of teaching and learning, by allowing learners to move towards a more personalised learning environment and driving their own motivation and participation in classrooms. In addition to Lightbook, Technocrat also revitalised the visual design for Pearsons’ assessments - titled ‘EnVisionMaths’, that use algorithms on educational data work to make the user learning experience more relevant, beneficial and personalised.



The Challenge

Educators have been seeking products to benefit their instructional design decisions, identify important trends across student populations and present resources in the most visually appealing manner to better aid students with different skill levels on a day-to-day basis.

Responding to this need, Pearson needed to collaborate exclusively with market leading User Experience and Design experts. Technocrat, responded to their challenges by introducing more responsive designs, adaptive technologies and gamification methods to boost learner interest and streamline the Lightbook and EnVisionMaths for the digital classroom.

The Process

To understand the needs of educators and learners in the changing Australian education landscape, Pearson and Technocrats’ Lightbook team researched user interactions and gained in-depth perspectives about issues encountered with educational technology as well as usage preferences in the classroom.

Educators highlighted the need for digital feedback forms that will provide them with more insights about the learning and performance of individual students. Making insightful connections in regard to the collective observations and quotes, Pearson-Technocrats’ team defined and mapped-out features that would optimize the user experience and engage users.

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The Result

Thought-leaders Technocrat committed to creating adaptive technology and features for the Lightbook to facilitate the digital classroom ecosystem and improve learner results. Features were designed with flexibility in mind and Pearsons’ expectation that educators and learner will integrate and adapt content to personalise their individual learning experiences.

Technocrat also designed an EnVisionMaths prototype that highlights student weaknesses and enables educators to provide more personalised learning experiences to learners. The digital product was conceptualised in less than a week, keeping in sync with the evolving educational landscape. The products created in collaboration with Pearson aim to engage and nurture talents of the future in collaborative and responsive educational environments through the usage of adaptable educational technologies.


Excited by the realisation of their first partnership project, Pearson and Technocrats’ combined team of educational tech-specialists are looking toward future educational projects that better respond to individuality in the classroom and allow learners pro-actively participate in their educational journeys.