The Wilderness Society |Web Platform

The Wilderness Society is one of Australia’s largest community-based NFP/NGA organisations.  It is a national, community-based, environmental advocacy organisation whose purpose is protecting, promoting and restoring wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.

Technocrat was engaged by the Wilderness Society to redevelop their existing website on a Drupal 7 CMS platform.

The Wilderness Society

The Challenge

Technocrat utilises a dynamic development approach and agile management methodology, enabling us to quickly respond to a client with evolving needs.  We were able to work within the constraints of TWS's out-dated deployment methodologies.

The Solution

UX and Design were carried out by The Wilderness Society's in-house team that worked closely with the Technocrat development team. Hosting is managed internally and Technocrat was also engaged in consulting on an optimal infrastructure and deployment setup.

The Results

Technocrat is engaged for ongoing support, mentoring and continuous improvement where internal staff require assistance.  We are also tasked with ensuring the security of the platform, continuously monitoring and applying security updates and other system performance improvements.

The Wilderness Society Collage