Engineered by Technocrat’s subsidiary SXML, Expresso is available as a cloud-based web environment that parses, manages, stores XML files and consumes complex web services. Expresso allows developers to login to an intuitive, modern website where they can manage XML files and create web service modules graphically. In addition to this, the “client code” created in various programming languages allow users to programmatically connect to the parser.

Introducing Expresso: the
world’s fastest XML Parser.

Expresso, written in Java, takes a radical new approach to XML parsing that crashes through previous parsing limits, and coupled with the management suite available to developers, will offer more efficient XML development. Tests show that Expresso is at least twice as fast as all other XML parsers. Additionally, Expresso’s “caching mode” increases parsing speed exponentially, while maintaining flexibility by allowing the XML files “tag names”, “tag text” values and attributes to be updated without having to update the cache.

And neither is the Expresso parser limited by the size of the XML file. It can potentially parse any file of any size - and it’s been tested on 15GB XML files with no issues, and remained stable.