Engineered by Technocrat, FLOWER is an enterprise grade development and deployment platform developed for Drupal. FLOWER offers developers and content editors the capability to move and manage content, code and configuration changes, between multiple environments, in a completely visible, coordinated and collaborative manner.

Finally: A Drupal content staging and enterprise grade deployment workflow in a single product.

Download the PowerPoint presentation here

FLOWER manages all changes you wish to make to your website using a "job" based workflow pattern. A “job” is defined as a set of content and code/ configuration changes that are to be made in order to modify or update a website.

All jobs originate in an individual sandbox instance of Drupal where content editors and/or developers are free to change whatever they need to - subject to their prescribed permission. When ready to progress a "job" along a workflow, a user "proposes" that their job and its changes be made to the next environment in the workflow sequence.  A "reviewer" can then approve, or reject the job. If approved, the job is “moved” along the workflow path by deploying it to the next environment.

Unlike many other workflow solutions for Drupal, FLOWER doesn’t dictate your workflow it, rather it adapts to it. It is a customisable framework rather than a prescriptive one. For example, FLOWER allows you to use only the environments you need to use rather than those we say you need to use. The number of environments that can be manged by FLOWER is flexible. Some businesses require changes to go through three or more environments, but if you only need three (or two), for example, FLOWER can handle it.

FLOWER has been engineered so that - through its use -your team will be using the latest Drupal best practice for site building, editing and deployments. For example; all configuration is stored in code via Drupal’s features module, all code is kept in git with each job having its own branch and content is deployed between environments using web services.

Technocrat has been challenged by its clients to find solutions to their Enterprise level requirements. We have gained a deep understanding of the challenges of Enterprise content staging for Drupal, especially for multiple-stage environments, as a result. FLOWER overcomes these obstacles by combining the best of Drupal, innovative open source tools, and legendary software engineering.

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