Technocrat is one of Australia’s foremost enterprise web-based application, system and platform developers. With a 50+ team of industry leading developers, Technocrat provides solution architecture, design, programming and system administration in most leading enterprise technologies. Technocrat’s project success and client satisfaction is derived from development which: incorporates multiple technologies & methodologies, is client centric, utilises an engineering approach, allows for multi-channel delivery, is supported by a solid Technocrat development backbone, has proven results, and provides a full end-to-end service.
Technocrat deliver expertly engineered and managed enterprise systems.


Multiple Technologies & Methodologies

Technocrat have resources and expertise in each of the major enterprise web-based technologies. Where possible Technocrat utilise the most cost effective yet reliable technology available. Open Source platforms such as Drupal are favoured over proprietary platforms for cost savings and reuse, but for architectural reasons or ties to a particular technology vendor, this isn’t always the best choice. In the same way, Technocrat chooses the right development methodology for the individual project rather than enforcing the latest trend on all. Agile is favoured for most projects for its flexible and collaborative approach, but in highly risk averse environments with mission critical systems, sometimes a more traditional methodology can be more appropriate.

Client Centric

In every project Technocrat puts the client at the center of requirements gathering, build and delivery. A high level of client engagement is enacted to ensure a result closest to expectations and to take advantage of broad business knowledge in identifying creative functionality during development. The Agile development methodology is favoured for the best collaborative result.

Engineering Approach

Technocrat believe that a measured, predictable and structured approach to development dramatically reduces the risk of missed requirements or system failures. Internal training, development tools, analysis templates and proven methodologies deliver this result. This doesn’t mean that the process lacks flexibility however. By having the safety-net of good development systems and processes, modifications and explorations in requirements can be introduced in a controlled and significantly safer way.

Multi-Channel Delivery

With the proliferation and advancement of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen systems, enterprises are now compelled to diversify the delivery channels of customer and work systems. Technocrat specialise in the development of all of these outputs and ensure the systems are designed to minimise the impact and ongoing maintenance to accommodate this diversity.

Solid Technocrat Development Backbone

Internally Technocrat is supported by an extensive suite of systems to support effective development. From QA systems, multi-stage delivery mechanisms, to coding support and training, each project is assigned an expert project manager and the overall team is managed by highly experienced development director. Each client benefits from these significant internal Technocrat investments.

Proven Results

The ultimate measure of a company’s capability is its previous projects. Technocrat has delivered expert systems for a host of enterprise and mid level clients. Some examples include: Workflow systems for IAG, Mobile applications and Content Management Systems for RACV, Configuration Management for Flight Centre, and Insurance Portals for NRMA.

End-To-End Service

Technocrat can supply resources to fill specific project requirements or handle the full project from conception to delivery. Full service elements include:
  • Business Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • User Interface and Interactivity Design
  • Programming & Development (Drupal, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, .NET, WCM, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Mobile web and applications
  • Enterprise Drupal Workflow (FLOWER)
  • Database development, configuration and maintenance (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, SQLite, DB2)
  • Project Management