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UNSW Open Day Digital Solution

UNSW and Technocrat partnership delivers prestigious virtual UNSW Open Day

Technocrat partnered with the University of New South Wales to build its digital presence for UNSW Open Day; one of Australia’s most innovative virtual events to welcome new students and prospects to the University and deliver streams of information on what UNSW has to offer across every area of study to shape our future leaders.

“We've gone digital this year, taking the best aspects of UNSW Open Day and making it accessible online given the COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions,” states Mrs. Sofia Lloyd-Jones, Chief Marketing Officer Future Students at UNSW.  “We set out to design a digital Open Day experience that was responsive to the needs of 2020 high school students.

The technologies used to host our Open Day helped to deliver an experiential event that was curated for each student on the day based on their registration preferences. Headlining the digital offerings for prospective 2021 students was the first ever digital advisory centre and the schedule of a live lecture program reaching 11,500 viewings across the day. Importantly, all presentation content can now be made available on-demand for students.”

UNSW Open Day Digital Solution

Enabling Virtual Attendance

While numbers of attendees will be restricted on UNSW campus due to COVID-19 restrictions, Mrs. Sofia Lloyd-Jones said virtual tours will provide detailed insight to student life on campus and help students prepare for their academic future, supported by dozens of information channels to provide the highest levels of customer service.

UNSW’s online Open Day project with Technocrat marks a new era for the company's 6-year partnership, delivering the latest online user experience technologies to some of the highest tech-savvy people in the country. 

“Technocrat prides itself as being one of Australia’s leading digital agencies - we create digital experiences which are compelling yet easy to use,” states Technocrat Managing Director, Anand Vasan.

“Technocrat transforms customer service by building a direct relationship between a company and its customers through digital platforms. Our partnership with UNSW is just one example of how we’ve been supporting the broader Australian business for decades with innovative use of digital.”

The UNSW Open Day project is the latest in a line of initiatives for Technocrat, who are a full service agency that offer customer journey mapping, user experience (UX), experience design (XD), web accessibility, inclusive design, visual design and 24-hour support services as required. 

UNSW Open Day was held on Saturday 5 September from 10am until 4pm. Visit https://www.events.unsw.edu.au/event/unsw-open-day-0 for more information.