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An online interaction that perfectly matches your customer’s needs, will transform results for your organisation.
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“Experience”, or user experience, refers to the quality of interaction a customer experiences with your site. It also refers to the part of the digital process that produces the website designs.

If customers find what they’re looking for quickly, intuitively, and it matches their expectations of your organisation, they will:

  • Buy more,
  • Search more,
  • Complain less,
  • Have higher satisfaction, and
  • Have greater loyalty.

Designing the best user experience, takes:

  • A carefully researched digital strategy,
  • A mindset of putting the customer at the centre of the design,
  • Proven and approved standards, and
  • Expert designers.

Technocrat provide all.

The Design Process

Key to each successful Experience design with Technocrat are:


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Your digital strategy is analysed to establish Personas for system use. These personas articulate pathways of use through the new site. This helps consider the best experience.


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Wireframing is the initial expression of the digital strategy and personas produced. These are skeletons of each system page which provide functional arrangement rather than graphic design treatment.

User Testing

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Both during the wireframing stage, and the final visual design phase, users interact with the designs in an agile process to validate designs and ensure persona assumptions are correct.

The output from the Experience design phase are a set of clear and well documented page designs, visual designs and user test results. These then feed into the full site development.


Experience Services Offered by Technocrat


  • User Experience (UX)
  • Experience Design (ED)
  • Information Architecture
  • Persona Creation


  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Content Architecture
  • Metadata Design


  • User Testing
  • User Research
  • Card Sorting

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