Technocon 2023: A Blast of a Company Retreat

Anna Lang

Imagine a year of screens, a cascade of emails and chats, pixelated faces and distant voices. Then, the contrast of a bustling house near Tallow Beach with real laughter, real toasts, real clinking glasses. This is Technocon 2023, the yearly gathering where we Technocrats swap our virtual existence for three-dimensional camaraderie.

The opening night of Technocon was kicked off by a  whirlwind of giddy hellos, and tight hugs, followed by a mouth-watering dinner and some fine cigars on the deck. That set the tone for the following days. In the morning, everyone regrouped more or less refreshed to absorb the inspirational speech of our illustrious MD, witness the unveiling of the new Technocrat T-Shirt, and to honour the year’s MVPs. Yes, this time there was a tie between two individuals for their outstanding work and team play: Congratulations and thank you to Guy Frawley and Tony You!

The day was continued by workshopping and coworking, interspersed with more delicious meals provided by the incredibly talented catering team. Day two rounded off over dinner, more cigars, and for some a night walk on the beach.

On the last day, we traded our laptops for hiking boots, embarking on a trail to the Byron Bay lighthouse. The salty air, the exhilarating climb, the collective groan as someone suggested a group selfie. It was perfection. Sweaty but victorious, we cooled down with a swim and barbecue at Clarkes Beach. After a grand dinner back at the house, we gathered around a bonfire on the beach. Now, what happens at a Technocrat bonfire stays at a Technocrat bonfire, but suffice to say, there was more roasting done than just marshmallows. Except there were no marshmallows.

Of course, Technocrat's greatest strength lies not in its barbecues or its bonfires, but in its inclusive work culture. A beautiful example was when a coworker brought her baby and family to Technocon. We believe in fitting around your life, not the other way around.

As we bid farewell to Technocon 2023, we were unanimous in our conclusion: this was the best one yet,  a phenomenal demonstration of unity in diversity and its reaffirmation of human connections in a virtual world.

We left with more than just memories of a great retreat. We left with a sense of belonging and a renewed appreciation for our colleagues, our friends, our fellow Technocrats. We returned to our remote corners of the world, not just as a virtual team, but as part of a community that transcends geographic boundaries.

So, here's to Technocon 2023 - a retreat that set the bar high. Thank you to everyone who made it the success it was, and to Technocon 2024 - we can’t wait.

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