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Using consumer digital technology to solve Australia’s affordable dental care problem

Dental health is an important part of life, however is one of the most avoided heath procedures in Australia. In fact, two million Australians avoid or delay going to the dentist each year simply because they are afraid that they will not be able to afford dental care.

With the rallying call of “Power to the patients”, Dental 99 offers affordable, fixed price dental care at, quite literally a touch of a button.

Digital automation has been the key to simultaneously delivering the same level of dental care as a traditional clinic, as well as prospering on thin margins.

D99 App


Dental 99 is probably the only healthcare provider in the world that provides patients with intuitive, accessible, consumer-focused technology that at the same time:

  • supports patients in accessing affordable great dental care, but also increases their understanding and engagement in the ongoing care of their oral health and,
  • transforms through digitisation the manner by which a Dental practice acquires new patients, handles appointments, patient services, maintains records, treatment planning, automatically encourages / markets re-bookings, offers daily aftercare post-appointment instructions, benchmarks its services and is provided feedback
  • The result? Dental 99 has no phone number. No receptionists. No practice managers. No concierges. No stock managers. No dental coordinators.

All of these functions are delivered digitally.

Almost 20,000 patients yeah...just another 1.98 million to go.

There’s a famous saying (and was made even more famous by Steve Jobs) by Henry Ford that couldn’t ring truer if it tried; “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

So Faster dentists? No, fees would go up because these are likely to be the most experienced dentists.

Pay dentists less? No, because care standards may drop.
More efficient dentists and practices which can handle large volumes of self-servicing patients: Yes!

But how?
To transform an industry, you have to design something that they haven’t seen before and don’t even know they can have.

Being part of the Technocrat team that's building something industry transformational, and to be able to participate in the leadership of Dental 99, experiencing the revolution of dental services coming to life is