Technocrat Bears in the Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Team Catchup

Anna Lang

Last week, the Technocrat team finally had another chance to get together virtually in a non-virtual space, but in our beloved Melbourne. From coding in PJs to bantering over Meet, we've nailed the remote work game. But when we do hang out face-to-face, it tends to be a blast. Making this extra special, quite a few of our out-of-towners timed their client meetings in Melbourne to coincide with the social gathering.

There were great chats about the latest industry trends, Drupal techniques, and smart strategies for our clients.  But as usual, it wasn’t all about work. A fun crowd will always find ways to have fun - and Melbourne doesn’t make it hard now, does it. A standout moment? Definitely when some of us were initiated into the longstanding Aussie tradition of a 2am HSP (some of us had to google that). Talk about a cultural deep-dive!

In short, the Melbourne meetup was a hoot, a gathering in true Technocrat spirit. Good thing we have our next adventure coming up at Drupal South in Wellington soon. Stay tuned!