Drupal South Wellington

Preparing for DrupalSouth 2023 in Wellington

Anna Lang

We are all excited and set for Drupal South. Ten Technocrats intend to rock up next week in Wellington. Even more excitingly, we are not just there as participants. There will be several talks by senior team members and Technocrat is this year's Award Sponsor of the Drupal Splash Awards. Make sure to come and see the award ceremony. We can’t say too much but be prepared for a celebration with all the style and glamour. 

Check out all about the Splash Awards and this year’s nominees here.  

We are also proud to announce our speakers who will share their knowledge of Drupal and UX expertise. Have a look at the event schedule to make sure you don’t miss a thing.  

From 'them' to 'us': Demystifying Drupal contribution

Speaker: Pamela Barone

Millions of people use Drupal, but a small fraction of those contribute in a given year. That's enough to make Drupal one of the biggest open-source projects in the world, but it still leaves a high proportion of takers to makers.

Find more information about Pam’s talk here

How (anyone!) can get constructive user feedback.

Speaker: Zinzi Sullivan

This session goes through the basics of how to get constructive user feedback from your product users, even if you’ve never facilitated any research or user testing before. It goes through key aspects of the feedback session covering what to include, avoid and common mistakes. Below is a guide of the presentation structure.

More about Zinzi’s talk here.

Unlocking the Power of GraphQL in Drupal for Frontend Developers

Speaker: Al Munnings

Frontend and backend teams need to work together seamlessly to deliver effective digital experiences. However, often these teams have different tools and ways of working that can create friction and inefficiencies.

More about Al’s talk here.

We hope to see you at our booth in the exhibition hall. Make sure to stop by and have a chat.