Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission |GovCMS SaaS

In late 2018, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner were preparing to merge, to become the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

AACQA and ACCC were tasked with launching a website for the newly formed Commission on January 1, by merging the two separate sites onto one GovCMS SaaS site. The two sites were built on different platforms (Plone and IBM Lotus Notes) and had vastly different IA and functionality to support.

The project kicked off in late October, with a target completion date of mid-December. This timing coincided with the launch of GovCMS8 SaaS, giving us the opportunity to build and launch the first Drupal 8 SaaS site.

With an extremely tight timeframe, Technocrat's team got to work developing the site theme, based heavily on the GovCMS Starter Kit. We used much of the out-of-the-box GovCMS functionality in order to reduce the build time.

The content migration was the most complex component of the project, with tens of thousands of records and two different sources of content to be migrated into the site and merged into one single IA. We developed an automated migration in several weeks, and successfully migrated all of the necessary content into GovCMS, with enough time for the content teams to put the new menu together.

Despite the many challenges, we launched the site successfully on January 1, 2019, thanks to the tireless efforts of the project teams. Technocrat continues to work with the Commission to support and improve the site.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission case study