University of New South Wales platform consolidation

Digital experience transformation from a complex digital ecosystem into a single-view platform

Client Benefits

  1. Digital experience improvement across the board.
  2. Turned a complex digital ecosystem into a single-view platform.
  3. A new set of digital tools for further optimisation.

This client is a leading Australian education institute. Influenced by the strategic vision of one of the ‘Top 50 Global Universities’ by 2025, the client considered an enterprise-wide platform solution. The university spent almost a year looking for a fitting solution to understand the size of the undertaking and negotiations.

The challenge

The University partnered with Adobe’s Experience Cloud. The partnership offers access to an entirely new set of ‘digital tools’. This allowed a focus on digital experience transformation from its complex digital ecosystem, into a single-view platform. It improved digital experiences for various stakeholders across the board. 

For this transition, a significant multi-year technology rollout plan was devised and then progressively implemented. The new framework across the digital environment presented a considerable technological and operational challenge.

The solution

Technocrat’s Adobe Experience Manager Solution Architects managed this project from the beginning and planning stages. Technocrat devised a strategic plan so informed long term solutions could be provided. Technocrat worked collaboratively with the client to architect the methodology and implement Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketing Cloud products. There was an emphasis on AEM, Adobe Analytics and the Adobe Digital Marketing products.  


There were three priorities set in the first phase of the implementation project. The deployment of the new technology to increase international recruitment, increasing donations with the Division of Philanthropy to increase donations, and  the Division of Enterprise to build collaboration and participation in the entrepreneurship programs. 

The first rollout of this considerable undertaking was released to the public with great success. Technocrat continues to work closely with the University as strategic partners continuing to build the digital transformation.